Ghost in my kitchen!

Happy Saturday! I woke up a bit late because I was up chatting with a friend from Brazil way into the night (3AM). I didn’t realize he was one hour ahead of me. It’s always nice to catch up with old friends.

It was an uneventful day today. However; after food shopping, as I was putting the green beans into the cupboard, I felt something touch the belt loop of my jeans! I was standing on my little stool because the cans go way up on the highest level. As I shoved them back further into the shelf, I suddenly felt as if someone or something was tugging on the right side of my jeans. I was wearing a loose fitting t-shirt and tight jeans. The “tug” was as if it was either tugging or poking my belt loops. It was strange. It didn’t scare me though. Without getting off my stool, I checked my t-shirt to make sure it was not caught. It wasn’t. I thought maybe something on the counter was sticking out, but nothing was near me. I just put my stool back and shrugged it off. I often hear noises coming from the kitchen. Sometimes late at night I’ll hear a plate clank or a utensil fall. Sometimes it’s like someone or something is moving things around in there. My mom’s dog will growl and bark at my living room closets. I don’t know what she thinks she sees or hears, but she will run away and hide under my dining room table. It was very strange the first time I saw her do this. My living room closests are huge! They stand about 10 or 11 feet tall. Another time, as I was on my laptop, I felt this chill on my left shoulder. I felt it no where on my body, except my left arm. The rest of my bedroom was comfortable and warm, except my left arm. Even my back or legs on my left side were fine. It was a constant feeling. There was no draft either. I’ve felt it once and it has not returned again. Oh, and another time was I was trying to sleep, I felt this poke at the end of my feet. It was a gentle poke, but it had me literally leap out of bed and literally fly to put my light on.

Anyways, that’s my ghost story for the day. Maybe it had to do with the reason I was watching “My Ghost Story” on tv as I do every Saturday night. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. 🙂

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