Think of that orange bikini!

Today was my second day of doing my 30 minute yoga. I finally found a cool YouTube channel that I like that shows yoga postures for a 30 minute workout. I didn’t want 10 minutes or an hour, just 30 minutes as I live a busy life. I figured, I can do the postures and watch the news at the same time. I’m trying to do a 30 minute workout in the morning and another workout before dinner. I was so tired this morning, I hit the snooze button four times. Bye, bye morning yoga. I will try again when I wake up. I will set my alarm for 7:15AM and give myself a good 10 minute time to “wake up”. I have a little iPod filled with great workout music, so I should be set.

I started my yoga yesterday. Today was my second day and I felt incredible after my 30 minute workout. Just in two days, my muscles already feel more limber and I definately can feel more flexibility. I am sore, no doubt about it. The reason why I’m doing this is because I’ll be going to Caribbean next month and I want to be a bit more toned.

I’m excited about doing yoga this time around because before, either because the trainers were so boring or the lessons just didn’t quite get my attention. Oh yeh, that was pilates. I actually hurt my back after the third day and I stopped. I was incredibly impressed by this lady that I found on YouTube. She has a lot of videos of yoga and they are interesting. Her lessons are easy and enjoyable.

I know in one position, I was thinking, “Holy cow! How much longer do I have to hold my arms this way? This is killing me!”. Then I thought, “Think of that green bikini!” and I suffered more in that position. My favorite poses so far are the “ponto warrior” and the “downward facing dog”. After suffering through the pose where you bend your front knee, then with the other leg, you stretch it out straight behind you on the ground. After that, you put your hands together in a temple way and put your left or right elbow over your bended knee. That’s one of the hardest positions for me right now. It looks pretty and very symbolic, but it reaks havoc on your waist and upper arms.

It’s late and I must sleep. I have to get up in 7 hours and continue with my morning yoga. Hopefully. :/

My Lords and Ladies, tell me thine thoughts if it pleases thee below...

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