If you could see any music act from history, who would you pick?

WordPress asked the bloggers this question. This was pretty easy to answer. His name is Mozart.

His music is runs through my veins, my every being. I was introduced to Mozart when I was just 5 years old by my mom. She would have his music in the background as she cooked or did house chores. I got used to it and the more I heard more of his music, I began to appreciate it and fall in love. My mom was very clever in that she would sit me on her lap and ask me to close my eyes and visualize what the music was telling me. I’d listen to his music and tell her a story of what was happening with the music as the background. This fun activity I did with my mom helped me to enjoy and feel the classical music through my mind, soul and heart. As I’ve grown into an adult, I’ve grown to like other genres of music, but I always come back to my first love, Mozart. So if I had one day to spend to listen live to any music act from history, it would be Mozart and to be in his presence as he played on the piano. That would have been a dream come true.

One of my favorite childhood memories was going to orchestra concerts with my mom at a place called “Theatre of Peace” or Teatro de Paz down in Brazil. It was here that I’d hear the music of some of the greates classical composers who ever lived. We had a close family friend who played in the orchestra as a first string violinist, so we often went to listen to him play. Later, after the concert, we’d go to our favorite ice cream store and buy a tropical flavored ice cream. Mine would always be and still is, the acai. Brazil has one of the largest selections I’ve ever seen for ice cream flavors.

I would love staring at all the lights above us once we sat down in our seats. I have been in said picture above many times in my young life, but the painting on the ceiling would captivate me every single time we’d go there. I would always notice something new in the picture; I have a very keen eye for details in art. I can still remember the nice smell in the air and how cold it got in the theater. There were many big rooms there that I enjoyed walking around and exploring. During intermission, we’d go into the warm night air and listen to the night sound of the laugher of people in the streets, the noisy buses doing their final shifts and a random dog barking off in the distance. All the usual and busy night sounds of a city was a contrast to the music we heard inside a few minutes ago. Intermission was only 15 minutes, so it was nice to chat and relax before going in again. When we’d walk out to the enormous balcony overlooking the street below us, I felt so small against the pillars that surrounded us. The balcony reminded me of a palace. You can see some of it in the video below. In the video, you can also see the metal protective designs on the stairs. It was those metal designs that always got me a little nervous walking on because of my shoes. One time, I wore shoes and I almost fell because it was slippery. I would then walk as close to the bannister as to not walk on the metal part of the stairs. As I got older, I knew to wear shoes with rubber soles as not to feel as though I would slip. When I was small, the opera house was a wonderland to me. Sometimes I would be the only child there, but it didn’t matter to me. I felt important amongst my fellow adult listeners. It truly was the biggest building I had ever been inside with lots of corners and halls to explore. I was in my element. Here is a virtual tour of that place that I found on YouTube. I’ve been in every single room in the video, it brings back a lot of memories just watching it. 🙂

This was an enchanting theater where I felt like Alice in Wonderland growing up as a child through my High School years. My mind was filled with music and my curiosity lead me to different parts of the building.

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