Here comes the bride

Miss Middleton looked fabulous as she entered the church! How gorgeous was her dress? I just was in awe, especially in the early morning hours, I was still awe strucked at her beauty and the dress. She looked like the perfect princess bride.

I fell in love with her veil! I’ve always like the vintage look of veils, how it just drops from the hair and head like a smooth waterfall. I will definately have a vintage silk tulle veil for my wedding. Maybe even a tiara! The lace on her dress was especially made for her. There is no lace in the world like the one on her dress. There will be copycats, but she wore the original. 90% of bridal gown in the United States are strapless. I like the lace sleeves. I’ll be the type of bride that likes simple, elegant and unique bride dresses.

Here is the happy couple! May they live a happy life filled with joy, immense love and happiness!

My Lords and Ladies, tell me thine thoughts if it pleases thee below...

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