The Voice and Strawberries

I had one of my all time favorite desserts tonight. I forgot where and who told me about this, but I fell in love with it. You get strawberries, dip it in a dollup of sour cream then dip it again in brown sugar. Actually, now that I think about it, I think it was one of my mom’s bestfriends who told me. Anyways, so I was dipping away eating my fresh strawberries. Not telling you how many strawberries I chowed down on. My secret! 😉 Ok. It was less than 6. I bought cookies ‘n’ cream icecream today, but opted for the strawberries instead. Strawberries remind me a lot of my childhood.

So, I was channel surfing after watching an episode of Destination Truth where the crew visits “Island of the Dolls”. It was somewhat of a funny episode because it just was. Seeing many dolls hanging from the trees with no hair and one eye missing, didn’t scare me. I could have walked there and not been scared. I’m serious. I would have looked at all the disfigured dolls and wondered, “Hey. I use to have that doll! I chopped her hair like that too!” I don’t know. Perhaps because I’m a girl and seeing dolls messed up does not scare me. But these dolls were hanging from everywhere! The entire island looked like it was overun by zombie dolls. Clowns. I’m not scared of them either. Dolls and clowns. Nope. Won’t get a reaction from me. Lizards, frogs and slugs, yes!! I shudder just at the mere thought of them. Those slimy, cold and cold blooded things! If thousands of lizards, frogs and slugs took over an island and I was thrown there, I would scream my head off! The show was a bit funny, but most of the time it’s fun and a bit scarey.

After that was done, I watched a new show called “The Voice”. It was pretty good! I haven’t watched “American Idol” since it’s first season because I can only handle so much bad singing for an hour. On this show, you already have amazing singers to hear. Plus, you have singers judging the singers. It’s ONE thing to be a “judge” (and not be able to sing, but you end up being on the panel anyways, hello Jennifer) on American Idol, but it’s another thing to actually BE a SINGER (who can sing) and judge the contestants. The singers sing, but the coaches sit with their backs turned to the singers. If they like what they hear, they press “the button” and their chair turns around. This shows the singer, their coach wants to work with them. I like this angle of the show because as a professional singer, they understand what it feels like to sing and belt out tunes. These coaches (the singers) have been coached themselves and understand from experience what it takes to sing certain tunes and how to change your voice to get certain effects…something an American Idol “judge” can’t do just because they own a record company or discover them. That’s just my opinion. So, this show is definately a show I’ll be watching!

It was sizzling hot today! Hope it’s cooler tomorrow. Gotta head to bed. Sweet dreams!

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