My dream “To Do List”

Sigh. I can daydream, no? Hopefully, this Saturday I can be a little lazy after this hectic week! Actually, I was extremely busy today! I didn’t even have time for breakfast or lunch. My belly is full right now with my spaghetti meal and salad. In a bit, I’ll have icecream in a cone. It’s been so hot lately! My apt is on the second floor and it’s still warm in here!

You know. After last summer, my electric bill was over 100 dollars. Between 150-180 dollars per month. This time, I’m being a bit smart and looking for a solar fan to cool my apt. If I had my way, I’d put solar panels on my apt roof and have my appliances run by that, but I can’t. When I do have my own house, I will seriously consider solar panels on my roof. So, for now, I will just check out some solar fans. I’m quite picky and always read reviews. If I read many, many bad reviews on something or anything I want to buy, I usually go on to another item or something similar with better reviews. Here is my contender of what solar fan I might buy. Basically, I just need two. One for my bedroom and one for the living room.
What do you think? It looks very much like something the Jetson family would have in their home, lol! It looks almost like an UFO. But, I don’t care. I just need a cool room without the expenses.

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