My visitor….

See this little guy? He’s been on my door all day! Well, most of it since my day hasn’t ended yet. This morning he was there (I’m assuming it’s a he). He appeared out of nowhere and has made claim to my door. It’s actually quite lovely as he puts some sort of decoration on my bare door. A little piece of nature to see me leave and welcome me home. I got my camera out and got his best angle. Even with me snapping pictures of him, he didn’t move one bit.

The allergies are out in full force these days, especially today! My eyes are itchy and starting to turn red. Where is my Visine? It’s got to be around here somewhere. Anyways, so as I was driving around today, there are still signs of Spring. Most of the Cherry Blossom trees have gone, but there are other trees with different shades of pink, dark pink and white.

I was thinking how Spring brings innocence in nature, or should I say, nature in it’s glorious Spring premiere reminds us of innocence. The light green leaves on the trees are just starting their journey for this year, only to drop to the ground in it’s last beautiful last act of the season. Spring and Fall. Two of my favorite seasons. They are both so elusive and gorgeous, you wish they could last longer or if there was some land of paradise, these two seasons would mix together. How nice would that be? To walk amongst Fall leaves and Cherry Blossoms? Imagin a land where green leaves were a minority and the elusive Spring and Fall leaves were the majority. Forget about the biology of it, but let’s just say the leaves stayed that way all year long except for Winter. Would we want more green leaves on trees? Would all the color be just tiresome after a while? Ok. Let’s imagin just a land where this was possible. The rest of the planet would be normal (as we know it) with it’s jungles, deserts, mountains and saharas. I’d like to see that land. I’d like to see Pandora too if it existed. I’m not too keen on heights, so I’d fear I’d fall off it if I ever to land on one. Nothing is more frightening to be falling off a floating island. What do you fall into? Outerspace?  There is no gravity. How do you even stay on Pandora if the island itself is floating? If the island weights a lot and we as humans weight much less, how is it that the….ugh. Nevermind. I have a headache and thinking about Avatar and it’s gravity is only making my headache worse. I love Avatar. I should watch it again, just to understand the whole gravity thing.

Speaking of movies, I recently watched “Black Swan”. It was a rainy and cold day, so I made a date with myself and ordered it on my tv. Natalie Portman was really amazing in this movie. I thought it would “shock” or “scare” me more, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. There is one scene that keeps haunting me and it just took me by surprise. If you dont’ like spoilers, I’d suggest you skip over this paragraph and go to the next paragraph. Ok. So, the movie starts out with “Nina” being a total danceholic and living and breathing ballet. That was until someone else enters the scene. Basically, the entire movie is about Nina battling and fighting against the good and bad of her personality. It was like her sweet innocent self in the beginning was achieving “perfection”, but in order to achieve that “perfection”, her dark side had to come out. So, all those little weird feathers and goose bumps on her arms and shoulder, were metaphorically her “bad” side coming out. Some parts of the movie, I thought, “Wait…am I dreaming or what? What part of this is she really experiencing? Did she dream that?”. So, the movie does play with your mind because you don’t know what is real and what isn’t. I like that. It was a nice change. Oh, so the weird part that totally got me off guard and still disturbs my mind was the part where she’s in her room and she having this black swan moment. The camera pans out and she’s twitching or something and then suddenly to my horror, her legs turn black and bend backwards as if in a shape of a swan! I literally outloud said, “Eww!”. Disturbing! It was like watching some horror movie, but it wasn’t. It was a psychological thriller. I guess it got me good because psychologically, that scene still disturbs me! Do you know who was good at psychologically disturbing you for life if not for a few days? Hitchcock. The movie about “The Birds” comes to mind. I remember after seeing that being afraid of black birds! It makes me laugh now, but it did wonders to my little 12 year old mind at the time.

The other movie I saw was “Rio”! Such a cute movie! I loved it as I love Bossa Nova and Rio. I’ve been to Rio three times and each time that city gets more and more beautiful. They did an excellent job in portraying the characters doing some very Brazilian moves (the samba moves), the land and the tropical birds. It’s true, Brazilian girls love confident men! Not to be confused with arrogant, egotistic and narcissistic men. I’m more like the girl bird, always going about and a bit fiesty. But that’s just our passion in life for everything! We Brazilians feel with passion a lot of things! We love our foods with passion! We love our music with passion! We love to love with passion! Sigh. Anyways, I love and miss my country. If you haven’t seen it, you should. It’s a great family movie with lots of rhythm, color and adventure. Until next time!

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