Haters & Bullies

I’m sure most of us have been bullied or have encountered a “hater” or “bully” in our lifetime. I know I have. In grade school I was often taunted and made fun of by a classmate. He was cruel and evil. He made fun of my hair (it was permed and a bit frizzy), my glasses (called them “grandmom glasses”), laughed at my braces and especially my heritage. He always made fun of me. I did my best to ignore him. I laughed it off and kept walking. He was persistant. After a while, it did get to me. I started to wonder and not be proud of my heritage. At this age of 12 years old, a child’s self esteem is so fragile. Luckily, I overcame it and for the rest of the school years, he didn’t bother me. In High School girls would be catty and say things about me without even knowing me or anything. They made it so obvious, standing there and whispering to each other knowing perfectly well I could see them do it. I would ignore it. I’ve been bullied for even dating certain guys due to extreme jealousy of girls. One exboyfriend, Ira, would have to come to my defense in High School in the States because of one girl who just would taunt me. It was not a good year with her around. I couldn’t help if he wanted to date me. This was my first time going to a High School in the States and I was not impressed! Haters are people who are just miserable with their own lives and have to find fault with someone who is doing something that makes them happy. They want to bring the other people down to their low life level.

I wish someone at the age of 12 could have told me how to stand up for myself or how to deal with bullies. I didn’t “speak up” because I didn’t know if I would be “tattle telling” and get in trouble. Luckily, though, schools and now new laws are affecting the way bullying is measured and taken care of. It seems that bullying is getting worse each year. I think if someone gets caught bullying someone at school the first time, they need an automatic psychological review with a counselor because there is something a lot deeper going inside which is making them act like that.

Haters are another thing. Haters can spread lies about you to others or continuously put you down for your success (even the success of living you life and being happy!).

I’m brave, courageous (except for snakes and slugs) and readily speak my mind. I am not blunt, just honest. My ability to stand up for myself didn’t happen overnight. It took several years. Now, if that same elementary school bully came up to me as an adult, he’d have an earful from me. I am sweet and nice, but at the same time I don’t let others disrespect or walk all over me.  There are ways to be firm and nice to people without yelling at them or getting physical. I believe when you feel really good with who you are as a person and know you should be treated right, then that shows in how others should treat you.  If you didn’t feel good about yourself, you allow others to continue to talk bad to you. With good self esteem comes great self confidence.

Here is a video I especially love watching about haters. I subscribe to her on YouTube because she has some interesting things to say, but this is definately one of my all time favorites because it’s exactly how I feel about haters and liars out there!


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