A song called “First Steps”

I was so excited about my latest song, I tweeted about it to my followers and told them to come here to this blog….before I wrote this blog. Oops. Hopefully no one noticed.

Initially, I was playing around with the sounds and instruments when I came across what sounded like some good combinations of bells and violins for a baby song. High pitched bell sounds always remind me of babies for some reason. I worked and worked on this song three days ago. It didn’t take me long and I “posted” it. For somer reason, it didn’t show up. Come to think of it, since I am new to the site, I think I might have not seen another button to push. Anyways, I was devastated because it was perfect and after the hours I spent making this song, it was lost. Luckily, I took a picture of it (hard to explain) so I could be reminded of what instruments I used and whether it was a ballad or not. However, even with the picture taken, the “violin” sign was not specific enought for me to know which of the 21 specific violin sounds I used! I literally had to write down every single violin sound effect there was to “hear” which note and sound I had heard the first time. It was extremely time consuming, but I got it after two days. I had most of it figured out, but I also embellished it  a lot of it with complimentary sounds in the background. I take my composing music very seriously. I have bells, two violins a keyboard and something else. I forgot. Lol. Like I said in my earlier blog, there was a specific video of a little baby girl learning to walk that I used as a “model” for my song. I watched her parent’s reaction and the baby’s reaction as I set up each sound. It was truly beautiful to see her learn to take her first steps and how encouraging and happy her parents were. The video was shot 5 years ago, so I’m sure she is running around a lot now.  For the song, I started out very simply as the baby is standing up and falling down. Then I added more instruments as I can see her courage building up to take her first steps. As this progresses, I add more instruments to compliment the happiness I saw and heard in the parent’s voice…that’s basically it. I also took the time to watch other baby videos and the music complimented their videos as well.

Then something happened that I was not expecting. As I was watching all these babies walking and thinking I was going to name it “Baby’s first steps”,  I came across a video. The music was still playing so I had it as the background music. It was of a child in crutches learning to walk for the first time. I’m not sure if the child had MS, but it brought tears to my eyes. I then realized, it’s just not babies that are learning to walk for the first time. It’s also children who were born with condictions that restricted them from learning to walk as other children did at an early age. These children had crutches, braces, casts and other devices that helped them walk. The video showed the therapists, nurses and even doctors smiling and clapping for the children. It brought tears to my eyes because I’ve worked with handicapped children before so it just reminded me of those precious days spending time with the priceless children. As you can tell, I love children. They are our future, whether they are born healthy or not.

Here is my song:


So, in closing. I am dedicating this song to all the children who have been given the chance and opportunity to learn to walk be it if they are a baby or a child. To be able to walk in life and to have someone by your side cheering you on is one of the greatest gifts a person can give to someone.

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