Making music. My inspirations….


I know it’s been a while. I apologize. There has been a lot going on and to relax, I’m making music! Now I know how my musician friends feel when they are working all night and all day to make music. It takes a long time! I knew it took them long, but now I see why! I remember my musician friends on Myspace who use to tell me that they’d spend 6 hours a day just working on their music. Of course, I am not a musician so I am not that busy. I don’t have all the technical audio instruments or a studio like they do.

I found this cool website which you will see later. I found it by accident and I love it! I’ve already told a lot of people about it and posted my first song for my friends to hear on twitter. My first song is called “Snorkeling”. It was inspired by a trip to the lovely and paradise island of Bornaire. I went there in 1984 as a child and have never forgotten it. My mom and her friends knew of people there, so we all went to hang out for a few days. The island of Bornaire is called “Diver’s Paradise” because of it’s beauty in the waters. Bornaire to me was what Pandora was in Avatar. Sure, I grew up in a a tropical paradise with blue oceans and miles of white beaches covered with sand dollars, but Bornaire was nothing that this Brazilian girl ever saw! Our guest house was literally 30 feet away from the water. The “beach” was made up of soft pebbles. There was a little dock/pier that jetted out into the water. The water was very still and there were no waves. It was easy to get your snorkeling gear and hop off the pier/dock into the bluest ocean water I’d ever seen. Once in the water, the island dropped from a gentle 4 feet to six feet or deeper. You were left just floating on top looking at all the colorful fishes swimming underneath you. I will never forget that trip. I’d love to go back one day. I wonder if I’d still see it as I did as a child. I felt like I was in a dream. Anyways, so I had that island in mind when I composed a little song called “Snorkeling”. I should have named it “Bonaire ’84”, but oh well. I got a cute comment on it saying that the person (when they heard it) felt so relaxed and pictured all the fishes swimming around. To hear such a compliment made my day! I downloaded it as an MP3 so I can use it for a future video on YouTube.

To make sure my song fit for visuals, I searched for a snorkeling video and listened to my song as I watched people snorkel underneath the water. It matched well and I was happy I previewed it with a random video. From now on, I’ll just watch a random video to see if my music compliments it.

I’m working on two other songs right now. One is called “Baby’s 1st Step”. I’m using a certain random video of this baby taking her first steps that I found and I keep watching it to see if my song will compliment it. It’s a very sweet song! The other is inspired by my favorite Japanese dancer. He is dancing all alone in a semi dark and crowded room. He’s in his own element. The video is shot so beautifully and I just admire how he’s so passionate about dancing he doesn’t care how loud it’s in there or that people are standing around talking to each other or just watching him. I think that is just absolutely beautiful. So beautiful, it inspired me. His video has inspired me to do a dancing video too, but that will come at a later date. So right now, I’m “layering” the different sound of instruments that I think would compliment his video. I’m right now trying to also figure out the best drum beat for his dance movement. This is really a lot of fun! As for the title of the song, I’m not sure yet. The baby song is almost finished. There are so many different instruments to use and to choose from, it’s mind boggling. It really takes a long time for me to get just the “right sound” that I want to achieve.  I am a perfectionist. It’s my labor of love.

Here is my song!

Goodnight and have musical dreams! 😉

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