Balancing life…


That is one thing I promised myself I would do this year. It’s all about balance. I got an email last year from someone who was describing a mutal friend and he said she was very “balanced”. That got me thinking. I want to be balanced too! Which then made me think even more deeper about the meaning of “being balanced”. Once I get on something like this, it does take a lot of my mentality sphere where I like to discover and conquer.

Balance. Who needs it? Who wants it? Where do you get it? How do you get  it?

Who needs it? Well, people like me. People like you. Anyone, basically.  I think people who need it are people who already in a stressful job or situation. People who are very busy people with family, friends and work. It’s for people who want it. It’s one thing to say, “Oh you NEED balance in your life” but not really want it. If you need it, you also have to want it. That’s just how it works. I have a job where it’s pretty stressful most days. I have a lot of paperwork to be done and completed. I have to deal with issues my clients have. Then I come home and there is dinner to be made, laundry to be folded, sweeping, cleaning etc. This can cause undue stress and unnecessary hints of a bad mood coming on. I don’t like taking stress back home. I like to keep it at work. I’m not saying everyday is stressful, but when I have a billions of deadlines to do, then yes, of course I can a bit stressed.  Most days are chill, even on paperwork days.  I need it also because of the deep issues I deal with my clients, I have to keep a level head in order to understand and help them. Nothing is worse than having a client working with their caseworker or whatever and they are in a stressful mood. That’s not professsional at all. It’s ok to have stress in your life, it’s normal. Unfortunatey, it’s part of life. Unless of course, you are on an island where anything and everything is catered to your every need. However; without stress in your life, how can it not teach  you how to handle it? Imagin never experiencing stress in your life? And then suddenly, you are hit with something tremendous and you experience stress? You wouldn’t know what to do?

Who wants it? People who want balance in their life are those who want to improve their lifestyle, emotions and mentality. The balance of emotions and everything that comes with it, does decrease any physical ailment as your body chemistry adjusts and is leved (the ph level). Our emotions are chemicals released from the brain that run around our system that affects us physically and mentally. People who want balance in their life realize they need to do something to make sure they aren’t caught up keeping unnecessary and unhealthy things in their life. I know for me, I wanted balance in my life because if you concentrate too much on one thing in your life, you’ll neglect the other important things in the other areas of your life. Let’s say, all you do is eat and eat. You are neglecting exercise. Let’s say all you do is talk and be with your boyfriend or girlfriend. And that’s all you do. Well, you could be neglecting your family and friends because your significant other is all that matters to you. Then you come to realize at the end, all your friends have left you because they kept knocking on your door, emailing you, calling you and you just ignored it because in your mind you kept saying, “Oh, I’ll get to them later”. Later turns to days, then weeks and even years. Then it’s too later. People who want it may also be the ones who see this in their future where a certain area of their life could be headed to be neglected and they want to fix that right away so it does not happen.

Where do you get it? Where do you get balance? Well, there isn’t a store where you can ring it up and take it home with you. No, it’s not that easy. We should all wish it was. You get balance by  making a change. It can be a gradual change. No one is forcing you to get balance in your life. You feel what is necessary and in what time frame. It takes time to get balance in your life. For instance, you have to be able to just talk a walk one day with a notepad or just nothing at all and think about all areas of your life. What things do you concentrate on the most? Your friends? Family? Work? Art? It’s also  a way to mentally think about areas in your life in moderation. Am I stressing too much about something? Is it affecting my mood? Is it consuming my conversation with someone? I’ll give you my example. Right now I am looking for that perfect dress for a formal night on the cruise. I am highly picky about what dress I want because I know once I get that dress, each time I wear it, I want to be excited to wear it. I don’t want to throw the dress away after one evening. I’m extremely analytical about things and take a long time to decide on something important. I know I could spends hours on the computer just looking over dresses that I would neglect to do other things that need to be done. So to balance my life at home, I give myself one hour or half an hour to just browse online. Then I just have to stop. Then I do it again the next day. I call this moderation. Same goes for talking to people. I can only take so much of one sided converstation before I get bored and say I have to go. I dont concentrate on only one good friend, I equally concentrate on all my good friends. I phone them up, email them etc. It’s a mindset to attain balance. You have to just look at all the areas of your life. Then go from there.

How do you get balance? By changing little things in your life. Everyone’s situation is different. It’s what you feel in your gut. It’s moderation in everyday life in everything. It’s ok to be sad one day. Go ahead and cry. Don’t feel guilty about it. Just as long as you find time later in the day or week to really laugh hard. It’s good for your body too. When you are sad and depressed, it affects your body chemisty and your immune system goes down. Of course, it’s also normal to get sick once in a while. The lucky ones out there who rarely get sick, that’s very lucky of you. I have allergies, so I have to deal with cold. Luckily, I have Claritin and Advaire that helps the cold not get so bad. There are instances, I do realize, where people are sick. They have cancer. They have other ailments. But even they can maintain balance in their life. I admire those people a lot. Instead of feeling sorry for themselves, they are out there making other people laugh, they are active in volunteering, they are visiting other people who are even more sick then they are and they are enjoying life. That to me is beautiful and I strive to have a heart and passion such as they do.

One more thing. There will be a day when you do feel off balance. That’s ok. Don’t let it destroy you. Remember, attaining balance in one’s life takes time. It takes a mentality of determination to keep it. You’ll see a difference in your mood and life once you get it. I know I have and I love it.

My Lords and Ladies, tell me thine thoughts if it pleases thee below...

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