March 21st

Today was very rainy, but I enjoyed it! I love rainy days! However; since it’s still cold outside, it’s not the same was running around outside in the rain during a summer day. Right now, if I did that, I would be coming down with a cold very shortly. What is it about rain that can make one stay in bed and not want to come out of it? Rainy days make me want to stay warm inside my covers and hibernate for the rest of the day.

So I came across a very cool YouTube channel. The girl in the videos is so funny and charming, I had to subscribe! Her friend was making funny faces in the background in one of her videos-she had no clue-she was too busy talking about nailpolish! Hehe! We girls really get into it when we talk about make up… aliens could be invading the earth outside and we’d be like, “Girrrrrrl, so this color would really look nice on you, especially with that formal top you have with the little sparkly teal feathers-uhhuh!”

Dancing with the Stars is on right now and I have not watched one single episode. At first I wanted to because of Ralph Macchio and my enormous childhood crush I had on him after Karate Kid….can you believe he’s 50 years old?! Wow! And he still looks young! I honestly think Ralph has secretly found the fountain of youth and splashed it all over his face….and has kept that secret to himself all these years….that….or he has great genes!!!! 😛

I hear the movie “The Lincoln Lawyer” with Matthew M. is good! I will definately see it. The movie “Rio” looks cute too. I have a bit of a beef with animated movies these past two years. They all seem to have some political message wrapped up in them. Sheesh. Can’t I just watch a movie without some animated cartoon making some reference to a political movement or person?? I know I was watching “Rango” and there was a bit where someone said something with a political reference and everyone in the audience groaned… was unnecessary. Was there any current political messages or subliminal reference in “Cinderella” or “The Lion King”? I’m hoping, please, please, please let “Rio” just be a normal and fun movie to watch!

Anyways. Time for dessert! I’m off for some major yumminess!

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