My NYC date

Have you ever got caught in the rain during or going to a date? How did you handle it?

Actually, I have! And it also happends to be one of my favorite dates of all time! I had driven up to New York to meet up with my date. My date started off horribly. One the way to NYC, my tire just blew. I saw rubber flying everywhere and had to pull to the side on the NJ Turnpike. My date had made reservations at a special restaurant that night. I had to wait one hour for help so someone could change my tire before I could head to NYC. My date had to change the time for us again. Then it started to RAIN and I got stuck in traffic due to an accident. My date had to reschedule the dinner reservations again! I felt so bad and apologized over and over again, but it was not my fault. My date was standing at a corner waiting for me in the pouring rain so he could jump and we could go to our dinner. In NYC, traffic is crazy and with the rain, traffic was even crazier! My date was adjacent to where I was, but he saw me and ran across and jumped in. My hair was wet and so were my clothes. I felt a little embarrassed. I had to then make a left turn into the street and got honked at. Luckily, my date said, “Good, good! Don’t worry about that car, you did a good job.” I was feeling a little concerned with how everything was going so far, but just seeing how sweet and encouraging he was, made it all worth the while. Once we parked, it was still pouring and we got out. I wore a special shirt which he complimented me on and said it was really “pretty”. I felt like a drowned rat, but he was so sweet. He took my hand and we ran to the restaurant because we literally had 20 seconds before it turned 8pm, which was the final time he had to reschedule for us. My date told me that this was the same restaurant he had taken his mother to a few months ago and wanted to come back with a “special girl”. That “special girl” was me. I felt like a million dollars when he said that! Those words still echo in my mind. I remember everything about him. It’s one of those moments that you don’t want to let go and keep framed in your memory. This particular guy set a very high standard for me. I think it’s the way he made me feel. He treated me very well and made me feel good. I can’t describe in words the connection we had, but we complimented each others personalities. Anyways, our dates were pretty fun the times we did spend together! This happened several years ago. Somehow with curveballs that life throws at us, we lost touch with each other.

I leave you with this video. It’s one of my favorite songs. The first time I heard this song, I remembered my date and the frozen image of him standing at the corner in one of those big NYC streets in the rain…waiting for me. I was the girl who he was waiting for who was doing her best to reach him! But things kept me from getting there in time. Eventually, I made it. A bit late, but I survived a blown tire, a traffic jam and lots of rain to finally meet up with him.


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