Who or what inspires writers?

I was reading a blog recently and while reading it, it got me thinking. If painters, musicians and poets have muses to inspire them? Do writers? Of course. Writers have muses. Female writers have males in their life or from their past life that inspires them to write.

There are many different types of bloggers and writers out there. We all think differently and express ourselves differently, but we all have some things in common. We want others to understand what we are trying to say AND we write so that others “feel” what we write. We tell stories. We create dialogues.

I’m more of a writer of thought and expression. I love to write down what is going in my head. Some may wonder. In this head of mine, is there a certain guy who inspires me? How does he inspire me? I have a few special men in my life. One from my past in particular that pops in and out of my thoughs now and then. He also inspires me when it comes to romance. For dialogue, I have a few friends who inspire me in the way I have great chemistry with them. Others who I am very close with, they inspire me with how I express my feelings and how I think about life in general. They are great listeners and people I can count on when I need to just talk. A great example of that is my bestfriend Steve. Steve has got to be one of the coolest and most positive people I have ever met. He’s also very level headed and has great perspective on things.

Music can also be an inspiration for some, but not me. People inspire me to write. I can basically stand at a checkout line and overhear a conversation someone is having on their phone or someone talking to their friend. As a writer, I can easily make up a story just using what I heard in a few minutes. I can make up characters. I can create a fictional story of what I think is happening. I don’t do that too often as I am too busy waiting and getting out of the store to go home. Lol.

I meet people everyday and I often wonder, “He or she would make a perfect character for this story”. Boring people do not inspire me. They are just like lumps on a log. I need uniqueness and colorful people.

I remember one day going down an elevator and this woman enters at the last minute. I just stood there and gave her a polite smile. The lady was carrying a basket of candles. She smiled and immediately stuck one of her candles in my face! I honestly thought I was going to be found dead in an elevator with candles surrounding me. What the lady wanted to do was have me smell her candles that she makes, but seriously. Did she really have to shove one of her candles up my nose? I was basically forced to sniff her candle! The candle was even decorated with ribbons and some scratchy material, that the rest of my face was buried in the candle’s decoration! I was taken back at her brazen behavior and had to recover for a few seconds. She started her sales pitch. I looked at what level we were for help. How much longer was I stuck with this lady? I was coming down from the 10th floor and it was only floor 6. It was going to be a long day. The candle lady went on and on about her candles and I smiled and nodded my head. I politely took her card that she basically shoved in my hand and was so happy to see the lobby when the elevator stopped.

I got home and sprayed my home with Frebreeze. Not a candle.

My Lords and Ladies, tell me thine thoughts if it pleases thee below...

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