Two countries and 1 roll of film.

I had found this story when it first came out, very fascinating a few months ago. I love taking photographs and am always inspired by looking at photographs of other photographers. So, when I heard about this mystery, I wondered what or how it would end. I find it quite interesting that it sort of coincides with the whole American man, French woman thing I was talking about in yesterdays blog post with some movie clips of “Before Sunrise” with Ethan Hawke and French actress Julie Delpy.

Let me begin. The story first begins with a man from New York City. His name is Todd Bieber. One day….while cross country skiing, Todd came across a film canister. What wonderful photographs could this little canister hold? A fellow New Yorker? Pictures of children? Pets? He developed the film and discovered what they were. Here is his story. All video credits go to ToddBieber on YouTube. You can go there to watch all his videos.

Todd still wasn’t having any luck, so he made another video telling people about his continued quest to find the mysterious photographer. Here is the second part.

Several months later, the mystery was solved. If Todd didn’t have a girlfriend already, this would have made a pretty good Hollywood story with some embellishment of course. I think for Todd, the whole quest was a journey of self discovery, meeting new friends from a far away land and finally meeting the owner of the photographs. Here is the last part of the story.

After watching this video, it got me thinking. Whatever happened to MY pictures I lost from my digital camera that I lost in New York City? It was 4 years ago with my silver Olympus digital camera. I had some really good photos in there. One was of the art structure across “Radio City Hall” with a little brown haired boy in it. Another was of my friend Maria. I searched and searched…trying to see if anyone had found my camera with my photos in it. I believe it even had the picture of Adam ( my date who stood at the corner in NYC in the pouring rain waiting for me). I have several pictures of Adam from another camera, but I think I had other ones of him on there. I searched all over the internet to see if anyone posted something saying they found a camera, but no luck. I guess the person who took or found my camera was not adventureous enough to search the owner like Todd did.

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