My new hat & old vintage cartoons….

Today was a full day for me. I had to make a deadline with some client papers and I survived it just in time. To celebrate a week gone by and it being payday, I went to H & M. I love Swedish stores…Ikea, H & M, Cubus etc. Anyways, I have been eyeballing this particular hat for quite a while now and finally was able to get it today. I love it! For whatever reason, I was looking online for something and came across a video that had Fred Astaire and Michael Jackson both dancing in it. There has been no secret that Michael Jackson got a lot of his dance moves from his “teacher” Fred! I will add a link below for you to see the video, it’s quite fascinating. I was not able to upload here on WordPress because of Sony’s rules.

Here is the link to the video

I’m also a big fan of Fred Astaire. When I was just a little girl, my grandfather would take me to watch Fred Astaire movies with him and his girlfriend…or ladyfriend, Trudy. As a child that young, it didn’t matter what the movie was about, I was just happy and content to be with my grandfather. I cherish those moments when I’d sit on his lap and he’d tell me stories of my mother and life during his days. I must say, he was a pretty cool grandfather to me. When I see little girls holding their grandfather’s hands somewhere in a park or anywhere, it just makes me miss mine. I was done in Brazil most of my life, but I would talk to him on the phone and send him audio tapes of me singing songs for him. I am not a singer, but apparently I sang a lot to him. I still have the tape. It’s somewhere…

Having the opportunity at such a young age to watch old fashion black and white movies really made me interested in that era of Hollywood. I’ve had some friends say, “Those movies are sooo old!”. I just roll my eyes and think, “Wow. You are SO inside your little bubble life you can’t appreciate art at it’s earliest forms in America”. I love silent movies too with Charlie Chaplin. My interest in films range from silent movies to movies like “Avatar”. I just don’t like horror movies. Do you know what else I like? Old vintage cartoons with Mickey Mouse. I find it hesterical how his legs and arms are all noodle like. The artists those days really liked drawing a particular way (you don’t see it now a days with the kind of cartoons they have now). I also noticed with vintage cartoons, the sense of humor was very different too! The way of thinking was so different, especially given to the cartoon characters such as the fish–being all evil and chowing down on the worms. Lol!

Anyways, so here is my new hat I got today. I love it! Not sure which outfit I want to wear it with yet. I use to have many hats, but over the past years I’ve gotten too busy to buy them. Now, I have more time and I’m collecting them once again. I got several shirts from H & M, which I might show in future blogs. I did go on a little shopping spree. It was fun! You can see my little bamboo tree in the corner of my bedroom. I think I need to water it pretty soon. Sorry about the bright photo. My regular camera is being “borrowed” at this time. So I took it with my cell phone with one hand.

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