In paradise for an hour…

I was literally on cloud nine today! After watching a movie, I went to Pier 1 Imports. Lucky for me, there is one only 7 minutes away from my home! There were some amazing sales going on there–some over 75% off! I got this wonderful mosaic square bottle of fragrance that was originally $27 for only $4.89! I love it, it smells heavenly…very light.

My bedroom walls are bare, so I got this cool art wall decor. I have it on the floor for the picture, but it’s laying flat right now on my floor so it won’t get bent. I have to buy special hinges so it can hang strong on my wall. Originally I wanted it above my bed, but I got the notion the hinges would come off and it would come crashing into my head as I slept. So, it will be away from my bed. When I’m window shopping online at Pier 1 Imports, everything seems small to me. When I went inside the glorious store, everything seemed much bigger, much to my delight. The wall decor I bought today is a good size.

Next, I got 4 bamboo stalks for $10. The bamboo leaves were only $4 dollars each. The vase I already had. I put them in my bedroom since my curtains are maroon. It definately gives my bedroom an extra “feel” to it; very Asian inspired.

I got some earrings too that were originally $17 dollars for $1.98!!! I got three sets. I was going crazy with all these sales! The wall decor were NOT on sale, except the bedroom wall decor because one of the paint job was coming off, but I got the brilliant idea of how to fix that problem very easily so it looks flawless again. I also bought two movie reels to put on my wall and another wall decor. I will post pictures once they are hung up so you can see.

In other news, after coming home from a wonderful time at Pier 1 as I was putting in my two bird’s new bird bath in their cage, the two birds escaped!!! I spent 15 minutes chasing them around my apt. I caught both of them and they are asleep after experiencing flying around. I’m very excited about putting up more decoration. I haven’t had much time to buy much for my apt, but today I had time (and the $$) to do such a thing. I usually take care of more important bills and practical necessities, but it was nice to splurge.

I’m tired. Off to bed!

7 thoughts on “In paradise for an hour…

    1. You are awesome!! First comments are always the best!! I love Coldplay! Perfect video to my Pier 1 experience. I had heard that song…..recently in a movie but can’t remember which one. Do you??? 🙂

      1. I went to their Mylo Xyloto world tour–in my living room, LOL. Unsure which movie, but it was in Life of Pi trailer–you wrote a review on the movie I think. I need to watch it.

      2. Haha! I’m sure you had a great time at their world tour! 😉 Yeh. I just watched a trailer of Life of Pi, but didn’t hear the song. I’m pretty sure that’s where I heard it though. YESSSSSSS! Please go and watch it. There is a ton of allegories and metaphors in it. It makes you think. Let me know what you think. Or even write a movie review of it. Btw. I’ve been wondering. What does your name mean? The Swallowedinthesea blog name? And what is your real name?

      3. Swallowed in the Sea is a song by–none other than–Coldplay. A favorite of mine, albeit a depressing song. I take into careful consideration when choosing a screen name, email, etc. My name is Philip, like Philip “The Governor” Blake. He and I have a lot in common.

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